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Case Study : OKR

The Bgate platform allows OKR Group to process thousands of orders and invoices across their entire supplier base each month.


OKR Group have been successfully operating multiple Burger King Restaurants throughout Ireland since 1981, when it opened its first restaurant in Grafton St. During that time the organisation has taken advantage of technology to improve the customer experience in-store and the operational efficiency of the business.

During 2004 OKR decided to streamline their procurement processes with the aim of eliminating a set of costly and inefficient manual ordering procedures in use at each restaurant. Typically managers were required to place orders in to suppliers by phone/fax and then ensure that the associated paperwork was despatched to head office so that orders, delivery dockets and invoices could be matched for entry into OKR’s accounts payable system. With thousands of pieces of paper in circulation the process was time consuming and costly.

The Challenge

John O’Connor, CFO at OKR Group wanted to implement a system that was easy to use, had a low cost of implementation, delivered up to the minute information about all ordering activity across the business and was integrated with the OKR financials system. After assessing options available the Bgate e-procurement platform was identified as being able to address John’s challenges.

The Solution

Today the Bgate platform allows OKR Group to process thousands of orders and invoices across their entire supplier base each month.

“Our restaurant managers can order from all our main suppliers with a single login. The training required across multiple locations was virtually zero, as the portal is very intuitive. Without the convenience of a one-stop-shop, it would be next to impossible to implement E-Procurement across our network of restaurants. It also allows for strict control of approved products and pricing which Restaurants can order. Now I have all my ordering information and suppliers invoices in one place. This gives me great reporting power and transparency across the supply chain.

Bgate exports directly in to my accounts system, with enhanced information such as quantities, pricing, product groups, etc… now available direct in to my finance system, I no longer have valuable staff time tied up with the monotonous task of manually inputting thousands of invoices each month. This allows me to have confidence in the accuracy of financial reporting and the extra benefit of lower payroll costs. Implementing e-procurement across our organisation’s supply chain has been a painless experience with Bgate. One of the key benefits is the low cost of capital expenditure involved, effectively only a standard PC and broadband connection, thus return on investment is rapid.”

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